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F.C.V 6000 Or 15,000 P.s.i. F.C.V 6000 Or 15,000 P.s.i.
Dump type foot valve with 1/2" BSP ports or M24. Designed to give the operator safe control of working pressure and use of both hands. More Info>>
Item # foot-control-valve
Dump Gun 6000 PSI Dump Gun 6000 PSI
Double barrel and suitable for left or right handed users.Max WP 420 bar/6000 PSI. Trigger lock. Inlet 1/2" bsp m. Standard barrle length is 1Mtr but extensions are available to customers requirments &... More Info>>
Item # Dump_Gun_6000_PSI
Jetting Hose 1/2 Jetting Hose 1/2" x 91m
Quality Jetting Hose 1/2" x 300" (91m) complete with B.S.P.female ends. More Info>>
Item # Jetting_Hose
Manhole Lifting Keys Manhole Lifting Keys
Manhole Keys are available in three sizes 6" 12" or 2 More Info>>
Item # Manhole_Lifting_Keys
Floor Cleaner Floor Cleaner
Comes in four sizes 16" 18" 20" or 24" in stainless steel. Works with hot or cold water units. Pressure upto 276Bar and 30L.p.m Max temperture 80 c. Supplied with dry shut trigger and jets. 18"... More Info>>
Item # Floor_Cleaner
Cross Fire Nozzle 60mm Cross Fire Nozzle 60mm
Ideal for medium to high volume jetting machines. 2 x 90° and 2 x 45° on rotor with 3 rear for propulsion. More Info>>
Item # Cross_fire_nozzle_60mm
Jet Pump Jet Pump
Ideal for removing liquids, sludge and solids etc quickly from flooded cellars or manholes. Simply connects to 1/2" jetting hose. More Info>>
Item # Jet_Pump
Dump_Gun_15000_PSI Dump Gun 15000 PSI
Inlet connection port of 24mm. Quick change cartridge kit.  Standard barrle length is 1.2Mtr but extension are available to customer requirments More Info>>
Item # Dump_Gun_15000_PSI
Gulley Grabs Gulley Grabs
The gulley grabs come in three sizes 3",4" and 6" and a choice of handle lengths 1.5Mtr or 2Mtr   From 49.67  3" X 1.5Mtr 4" X 1.5Mtr 6" X 1.5Mtr 3" X 2Mtr 4" x 2Mtr 6" x 2Mtr    ... More Info>>
Item # Gulley_Grabs
The Vyper Jet The Vyper Jet
Superb Muli-use nozzle for cast iron pipes up to 12" (300mm) Ø pipes. Comes complete with 3 sets of chains to suit 100/150 and 225mm More Info>>
Item # The_Vyper_Jet
Drain Jet 1/4 Drain Jet 1/4" and 3/8"
Stainless steel with male thread connection. Available in 3/4 and 6 rear with optional forward facer. From 15.00 More Info>>
Item # Drain_Jet
Floor Cleaner HP Floor Cleaner HP
A flat surface cleaning tool with is ideal for concrete floors, drives and any large area which requires a uniform clean without stripping. Cold water only, 600 and fitted with 3 way diverter valve... More Info>>
Item # Floor_Cleaner_HP
Jetting Hose 15000 PSI Jetting Hose 15000 PSI
1034 bar Maximum working pressure x 20mtr. Fitted with 1/2" female thrust wire ends. More Info>>
Item # Jetting_Hose_15000_PSI
Whistler jet Whistler jet
Ideal for fat and fibrous root removal. 1/2" male connection for small to medium jetting units. More Info>>
Item # Whistler_Jet
Drain Extension Jet 9 Drain Extension Jet 9"
Prevents the jetting nozzle from turning back towards the operator if an obstacle is met in the pipe. More Info>>
Item # Drain_Jet_Extension_9
Plough Jet Plough Jet
Complete with fan or HV nozzles. Ideal for Silt removal. Available with 1/2" , 3/4" or 1"  in steel with 2 or 4 rear. 1/2" 2 rear also available in brass.  From 52.56 More Info>>
Item # Plough_Jet
Drain Jet 1/2 Drain Jet 1/2"
Standard or Snub Nose Drain Jet 1/2" choice of 3/4 and 6 rear with forward facer if required. More Info>>
Item # Drain_Jet_2
Cross Fire Nozzle Cross Fire Nozzle
Rotor fitted with 2 x 90° nozzles for pipe wall cleaning and 2 x 45° rear facing nozzles for powering the jet up the pipe. Fat/fibrous roots/grout removal. 28mm         40mm... More Info>>
Item # Crossfire_Nozzle
High Efficiency Jet High Efficiency Jet
High Efficiency Drain Jet 1/2"choice of 3,4 or 6  rear with forward facer if required. Excellent for long drain runs. More Info>>
Item # High_Efficiency_Jet
Drain_Jet_3 Drain Jet 3/4"
Standard 3/4" Drain Jet with choice of 3/4 and 6 rear and forward facer if required. To suit medium volume tankers/combination units. More Info>>
Item # Drain_Jet_3
Mini Bomb Jet 1/2 Mini Bomb Jet 1/2"
Mini Bomb Jet complete complete with fan or HV nozzles. Ideal for silt removal More Info>>
Item # Mini_Bomb_Jet
Egg MV Nozzle Egg MV Nozzle
Egg MV Nozzle suitable for 1/2" and 3/4" 6 facer if required. Reduces snag design fitted with recessed and replaceable nozzles. More Info>>
Item # Egg_MV_Nozzle
Drain Jet 1 Drain Jet 1"
Standard Drain Jet 1" choice of 6 or 8 rear with forward facing nozzle facility. Designed for use with high volume jetters/combination units. More Info>>
Item # Drain_Jet_1
Safety Leader Hose Safety Leader Hose
Safety Leader Hose 1/2" shown with Egg MV nozzle (not included) x 3mtrs long. Makes the operator aware of the impending return of the jetting nozzle from the pipe. More Info>>
Item # Safety_Leader_Hose
Sewer Bomb Jet Sewer Bomb Jet
Bomb Jet two versions to suit 3/4" and 1" both 8 rear. Designed for mass silt removal. More Info>>
Item # Sewer_Bomb_Jet
Root Cutter Type 4 Root Cutter Type 4
To suit jetting units generating no less than 10 and no more than 15 GPM. Kit comes complete with all blades and skids to suit pipe Ø's from 4", 6" and 9". All boxed with manual. Superb addition... More Info>>
Item # Root_Cutter_Type_4
Mini jet Kit Mini jet Kit
Mini Jet Kit fitted with 1/4" Drain Jet and adaptor to join main hose. Length of hose is 20ft (6mtrs)  or 50ft (15mtrs)and is ideal for small domestic pipe work, gulleys and traps. Jets are available... More Info>>
Item # Mini_Jet_Kit
Tiger Tail Hose Guide Tiger Tail Hose Guide
Both types save wear and tear n high pressure hose by guiding hose and nozzle into pipe or drain. Telescopic Type extends from 1.2 to 2.4 mtrs and accepts up to 1/2" jetting hose. Tiger Tail type 3 mtrs... More Info>>
Item # Tiger_Tail_Hose_Guide
Hose Feed Guide Hose Feed Guide
Both types save wear and tear on high pressure hose by guiding hose and nozzle into pipe or drain. Telescopic Type extends from 4ftto 6ft or 8ft to 10ft and accepts up to 1/2" jetting hose... More Info>>
Item # Hose_Feed_Guide
Turbo Gun Nozzle Turbo Gun Nozzle
Turbo Nozzle 200 bar and 350 bar max working pressure. Offers single jet impact force but with greater area coverage. More Info>>
Item # Turbo_Gun_Nozzle
Micro Mini Jet Kit Micro Mini Jet Kit
Micro mini jet kit comes complete with dry shut trigger 10 meter lance and drain jet 3 Rear or 3 Rear 1 forward Max pressure 200 Bar Max flow 30 L.p. More Info>>
Item # Micro_Mini_Jet_Kit

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